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MAD HATTER TAKEN TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!Those of you who follow...


Those of you who follow Timpany Talk know that every so often I do a feature on Fashion and Technology two increasingly overlapping spaces. (Links to my blogs on virtual changing rooms, wearable technology and how to always buy the perfect size online will be linked below for anyone who is interested!) 

Let me begin by saying that I do not approve of the new trend of drinking until you sink at royalascot not least because I have to share a train carriage with with said sunk person on my way home from work. However a new piece of technology has come to my attention that may well be of interest to those of you who have a friend who doesn’t quite know when to stop and lets face it we all have one! She is the one who pops the first cork at 9am and wakes up the next day wondering if she even saw the first race! Well fear not…step up Milliner Rosie Olivia the creator of bespoke hats that include a sony 4k ActionCam to capture all the highlights of your day! The ingenuity of this is how many diverse ways it can be used! Of course capturing the day at Ascot for your sozolled friend is one, but essentially if you are wearing a hat, the chances are you are at a special occasion and therefore would probably like to capture memories from the day. What a perfect, hassle free way to record a friends wedding or a big birthday bash….Just don’t forget to turn off your cam when you visit the little girls room - no one needs that captured on film!

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