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YOU SAY RECESSION I SAY INNOVATIONIt is Wednesday morning and I...


It is Wednesday morning and I am currently sat surrounded by clothes, shoes, bags and more. Nothing unusual there but what IS different is my location…. dell! WHAT? Yes I’m popping up. Whilst I sit here in this rather alien location it dawns on me just how much the retail space has changed in the last 10 years. It has gone from your regular high-street store or shopping centre to offering the consumer a whole new shopping experience. The key word there is “experience” cafes, beauty treatments, home delivery, pop ups, virtual changing rooms, Instagram shopping from Australia – the list is endless. I really believe that this is one of the most positive things to come out of a recession.

You may read recession I read innovation. Less money in circulation means that stores have to step up to the plate. We are all vying for a share of a smaller pie: innovation, convenience and price point are key. Yes retailers need to work harder for consumer’s precious pounds but if they purchase from you and are happy with their experience they will remain loyal. There is too much competition in today’s market to rest on your laurels that is why I am sat in Dell Computers– bringing my wares to new customers. I am meeting them where they are at and not expecting them to come to me. If you would like us to meet you where you are – please drop us a line and we will make it happen.

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