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Celebrity pre-owners

A lovely and high profile customer of mine was recently seen walking the red carpet in a dress that I sold her. Yes SOLD her…not one that she would later sell. And something clicked in my mind, most trends seep down from celebrity to mortal, however it seems shopping pre-owned has worked in the opposite direction.
Whilst many of us have been doing this for years whether pre-internet at the lowly car boot, or more recently online or in store at Dress Agencies like timpanys, it is a new craze for the celebrity, and one that they are really starting to enjoy. Whilst historically there used to be a certain stigma attached to buying something pre-owned these days it is seen as more than appropriate, in fact it is almost encouraged. Not just for economic and environmental reasons but also for the fact that you are able to find something far more unique. Lets face it as joyous as internet shopping is it does mean that everyone has seen everything in store at Matches / Net-a-Porter / The Outnet etc. and therefore knows exactly where you’ve been getting your fashion kicks. 
I think the Duchess drew a line in the sand when she was spotted in THAT dress (photographed) from my neighbour The Stock Exchange. You can imagine a few with lesser self-confidence might not have had the courage to wear a pre-owned dress in the public eye. Hell in previous years my customers wouldn’t have even wanted their friends to know, let alone 30 million women across the UK! However these days the TIMPANYS badge is a badge of honour. It’s cool to have discovered an amazing buy at a secret store that no one else can get her hands on. And hey even if you’re not quite ready to shout it from the roof tops about where you bought those incredible shoes or the real price you paid, you can just flick up your heels show the red soles and people will ask no more. helping you stay stylish for less x


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