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That feeling when you look across the room and the skinnier,...

That feeling when you look across the room and the skinnier, prettier version of you, with better hair and jewellery has on the same flipping dress! I mean if it can happen to the untouchables - famously Kylie (kylieminogue), Rita Ora (ritaorafashion) it’s even happened fashion’s princess Olivia Palermo ( oliviapalermolookbook). And lets be honest if they have a whole team dedicated to dressing them full time and still don’t manage to avoid a dress clash then what hope have we normals? Well chaps I give you the limited edition piece. Two walked into timpanys today. 

These pieces are somewhere between a regular off the rail designer garment from net-a-porter-style and couture, as they come with their own number. You may pay a little over the odds at the outset, but consider it like a bet. The odds of anyone else wearing the same collettedinnigan dress as you at that party are are 85 in 7.325 Billion. And the aquascutum mac which you can pop on when the weather turns, your odds are even better 50 in 7.325 Billion. I’m not normally a betting girl but I think i’ll take a flutter on those. See you soon chic seekers. 


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