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Mothers Day Tales! Lets be honest when you take the mother out of...

Mothers Day Tales! Lets be honest when you take the mother out of the equation very little happens. A tale from one of my customers on Tuesday made me laugh. She woke up on Mothers Day and it was business as usual, no presents, no cards, not even an acknowledgement of the day. Not losing hope as after all she had spent the last few days sending flowers and organising presents for her Mother in Law she waited for her “surprise”.

It got to 5pm and when one of the kids asked for a hot chocolate with whipped cream and all the trimmings it was the straw that broke the camels back! “GO AND ASK YOUR FATHER” (father was cleaning the car) “GO AND ASK YOUR MOTHER WHATS WRONG WITH HER” (mother storms out of the house) “I"M ON STRIKE ITS MOTHERS DAY” (look of horror crosses Fathers face) “can I finish washing the car?” No words are needed - the look says it all. Coworth Park is rung - Champagne all round and this year she is getting a beautiful designer handbag in compensation!

If you remembered Mothers Day last year - chances are you don’t need to buy your mummy a handbag! In that case how about a lovely scarf. Guaranteed to fit and gorgeous to wear in the spring. Featured here is one by louisvuittonluxury and one by Celine  Available for purchase on


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