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WARNING you might just be about to regret your starbucks habit!...

WARNING you might just be about to regret your starbucks habit! This spring they’ll be no more trying to look skinnier than you are by hiding behind your big bag! Because the miniatures are here! I for one am seriously excited. Firstly for my posture, I just hope one day my spine will recover and my left shoulder will match the strength of my right. Secondly it will curb my enthusiasm to take half my make up bag with me on a night out when really all I need is my lippy and concealer. Thirdly and most importantly they are not as eye wateringly expensive, which means more people get to join in the fun of dangling a bit of designer over their shoulder and lets face it the more people at the party the more fun it is! So downsize on your starbucks and your handbag this spring!

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