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This week I'm buying ... workout wares


Day 3 - My stick and carrot

Today I am re-purchasing my online personal trainer. I have to say it is not just the new workouts each month, the dreaded bikini diary I have to keep or even the food photos I embarrassingly send each meal (it makes you realise what a porker you are) that I value so much. But it is the amazing advice I have been given on supplements, powders, shakes and all sorts of bits and bobs that to be honest just confuse me when I walk into Holland and Barrett.

For example in month 3 when I couldn’t shift the weight from my thighs despite working my legs pretty hard and eating no carbs…I got a response to say “take these two supplements” - and then by the next month I was actually being complemented on my slim legs! The same goes for my terrible (over share incoming) stomach problems - I am now taking L-Glutamine morning and night. Which after a week has transformed my problem with bloating. Chris is my secret online weapon - and I have managed to persuade him to give you 20% off your first month if you want to try him for yourself. Just mention Timpanys when you contact. I also added my last dreaded bikini diary photo for you, so you can track my progress for yourself when I add another in a few months! 


How are you beating the bulge in the New Year?


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