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This week I am buying...Sales wares

Day 4 - Boxing Day - Fighting gloves on

To be honest I would rather pay full price for something than deal with the stress of fighting my way down Oxford street. The amount of coffee that would be required to get me up at a suitable time to be in with a chance of buying what I want combined with the massage costs afterwards to help me de-stress would negate any sort of discount.

No, I will be snuggled in my new cashmere onesie with a mug of something delicious and I will shop online. I have a list. Much like food shopping if you don’t have a list you will go off piste and you will spend a BOMB. My list is basics and it is tight:

1. Whites - T-shirts, shirts, trousers, underwear. Whites don’t last so I buy them in the sale and I’m ruthless with throwing them out.

2. Jeans - blue, black, coated, skinny, flared - I wear them every day - they don’t look good after 365 days. 

3. Underwear - I need to match - out with the old in with the new. 

Whats on your list?


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