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Oh what to wear to Wimbles...

Whooo the strawberries and cream season is upon us. Sitting on Henman Hill (sorry I haven’t quite got my head around Murray Mound), wandering from court to court and generally soaking up the wonderful ambiance of Wimbledon is a favourite summer pass time. But what to wear? If sunshines prevails I think that I will go for a wide brimmed sun hat and beautiful maxi dress. Elegant whilst wandering around as well as modest when you sit down (nothing worse than feeling self conscious about ones legs whilst sitting for hours on end). 

And the glorious thing about Maxi’s is that they lend themselves so beautifully to a layer or two (depending on how British the weather gets!). If it is super cold and wet - add jumper, leather jacket and a chic umbrella in a matching colour.


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