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Dating Etiquette and Dressing 

Usually dressing for work is a very quick affair, weigh myself to establish how skinny I am feeling. If the scales are on my side then it might be a pretty summer dress. However if after balancing one foot on and one foot off, the scales are still not in my favour, it’s usually jeans and a long top - well long enough to cover any lumps and bumps, and not the good kind. 

But when it comes to dating I usually apply a whole new mathematical equation - appropriate length of dress + cleavage / figure hugging = ready to mingle. The figures have to balance out otherwise you might as well turn up on your date with ‘easy’ tattooed on your forehead. 

Luckily I have a secret weapon up my sleeve, 'Timpany’s’. If ever lacking in confidence and needing a temporary bum lift or tummy tuck I turn to my good friend Herve Leger. And if we don’t see eye to eye I rely on Diane Von Furstenberg. DVF dresses reveal just enough cleavage to show your feminine side without meaning that your date is staring at your boobies/breasts/appendages. If you have gone to all the effort of doing your hair and makeup the least he can do is talk to your face. 

If you are lucky enough to have legs like 'The body’ aka Elle MacPherson then a sexy pair of skinny jeans with a silk blouse or backless top will certainly set hearts racing. Just make sure you invest in a well made designer jean brand - J Brand, 7th For All Mankind. I unfortunately once made the mistake of buying a very cheap pair of jeans. The zip broke on my date and so I had to walk around Covent Garden with my flies open. I think I would have preferred the tattoo on my forehead….

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