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Royal Ascot Races start next week and wouldn’t it be lovely if it was a more stiff upper lip British affair than a tottering and tarty disaster. I have to say I take quite a hardline approach on behaviour on these sorts of occasions and here is why….

As the event draws near I help lots of ladies create (as that is what they are “creations”) outfits. Often for months in advance they will start planning with the culmination easily costing five times the price of the ticket. 

She will turn up looking truly wonderful. In the most exquisite dress, fantastical hat and collection worthy heels. However five hours later it is a different look all together. Heels in hand rather than on foot, dishevelled hair and slurring words. 

If you are willing to spend so much time and money on your appearance, why would you behave in such an unappealing way? It is not just your clothing that defines how you look. No matter how expensive a dress is it cannot make you look beautiful if your eyes are blurred and tongue is disobeying your brain. 

First impressions are not everything…how will you be remembered? Hopefully not a barefoot, drunken disaster…Decorum is free and will make you stand out more than any fabulous hat. 


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