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I don’t know about you, but I can some times get OUT OF CHOCTROL at Easter!…It is without doubt a case of one square of chocolate, leads to the whole bar, followed by yours and anyone else’s I can get my hands on! As I am normally rather regimented with my eating it got me interested as to why I seem to be unable to just STOP gobbling…

…Well apparently it is because certain foods – such as ones that are high in salt, sugar or fat cause endorphins (happy hormones) to be released when we eat them. This in turn causes us to feel good in the moment despite knowing we will feel horrible later on and makes it very difficult to stop as we are really enjoying the feeling of eating.

Part of me likes knowing that it is a chemical reaction rather just my lack of will power…but with this in mind how do we stop binging? Unfortunately the only answer seems to be not to start in the first place. Unless you have super duper self control it will be almost impossible to have just one square of chocolate, just one crisp or only one ketchup covered chip.


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