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The other day whilst at a dinner I was sat next to a gentleman, who after asking me what I did, proceeded to tell me he believed 3D printing will be the future of the retail industry.

Leading the way in this at the moment seems to Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitoni who have recently unveiled the worlds first 3D dress worn by Dita Von Teese (see above). I have to say the idea of selecting something online and printing it out to wear that night satisfies the instant gratification shopper in me. Especially when it costs £5 and takes 2-3 days for Net-a-Porter to deliver.

But out of interest…what happens when you make a mistake? When, despite your adoration for that “can’t live without number” and your love of it during the virtual trying on stage once printed it looks more slitty slutty, then slinky sexy…there is no taking back!

For now I think I might just stick to printing myself in chocolate – thanks to Harvey Nichols my loved ones are going to be literally ‘biting me” this Easter!


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