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Missoni Man Repeller


I am a black, white and blue girl….sometimes I leave my comfort zone to dip my toe in a monochrome pattern or two. With this in mind, imagine my surprise when at a recent collection I was faced with piles of Missoni and found myself considering purchasing a wildly patterned, multi coloured pair of wide leg trousers!

Missoni is incredible like that…. don’t get me wrong…I can understand why men are utterly terrified of it…however there is just nothing else like it. It stands out a mile and with so many different design houses and labels in todays world that speaks volumes for a brand. It is so refreshing to have something that is completely and utterly instantly, recognisably, WOW. I think that is why for just an instant, I considered the trousers…well that and the fact that I am going to Vietnam and I need to up the boho.