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Let's meet Lucinda


Ooooo I just had Lucinda pop in before closing….she is rather hot. There is no other way to describe her. Not the willowy, waspish, model type of sexy that women over the last ten years have tried to emulate and more often than not, lets face it, just by-pass to a state of hangry (hungry/angry). No, she is a honed and toned little gym bunny. The culmination of thirty years of seven day a week workouts, the permanent real tan that only comes from a fast rotation of holidays, with a sheikh here and a lover there. Despite the fact her looks give her such a power over men, she’s so infectiously fun that women love her just as much. Her unpredictable, shockingly naughty shenanigans fuel the fire of every great girls night, that is why I am excited for you to become acquainted with her yourself. She just popped in and bought a hot little number for the date she’s got with a new suitor on Saturday night…i’ll keep you posted..I got her permission to share the details!


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