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Remember that incredible dress you wore to “X” event? The one everyone saw you in? You got so many compliments, you felt like a famous. Of course you do - and so does everyone else and there in lies the issue. It will be years before said dress is forgotten, if at all. Don’t forget….You proudly strutted and posed in it all night long therefore chances are its all over Facebook - which means that even when it has eventually faded from everyone's mind the time-hop app will come bak and bite you in the backside. 

This situation presents you with two options:

  1. Buy THAT dress - spend nearly a million - to look a million - then leave it in the wardrobe forever.
  2. Be boring - buy the dress hanging NEXT to THAT dress - spend half a million - look half a million - but have the ability to wear it again and again.

Well lets cut to the chase….We know you’re not boring - you're THE girl in THAT dress! That is why we’re here....To present you with option number three:

3. Sell said wonder-dress. Rip off the plaster - kiss her beautiful-self good bye. Send her off to be the centre of attention at someone else's party! Then use your money to wisely re-invest in option number 1, and so that the circle of beautiful-dress-life can continue. 

TIMPANYS proud to be associated with eliminating the boring!


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