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Christian Louboutin: Have you inadvertently bought happiness? 

If you have invested in a pair of Louboutin red (good for the) sole shoes then this is exactly what, HRH, Christian Louboutin set out to do and he is not referring to the quick fix pleasure from a successful shopping trip.  No. Louboutin who was brought up living in a house full of women and a mother who encouraged unfettered  thinking and behaviour, created shoes to give pleasure and happiness.  He acknowledges that he has an eye for the physiological effect shoes have on women. For him, no heel is high enough and as for toe cleavage and short toes they are there to add to the ‘long leg’ elusion. He also not only considered the posture and the way we stand in these beautiful pieces of art but also the way we act. Perhaps he should trademark the strut as well as the sole?  
 It is not just me who is fascinated by this brand. In 2013 The Louboutin Retrospective was the all time most popular exhibition at the Design Museum, in excess of 38,000 attended, no doubt some of you reading this article were there. Louboutin, unlike so many of his luxury shoe brand competitors, is still a privately owned  brand.  I was surprised to learn  it was only 4th in the list of the most expensive shoe brands of 2015 ( 1st Louis Vuitton) and new prices start at £425 for those iconic black pumps.
So why did you buy your Louboutin shoes?   Louboutin is the first to admit that the red soles are his signature, provide a sign of recognition and add to the sense of fun and games. Did anyone watch the Channel 4 Doc on him? If so what were your thoughts?...I'm catching up on that this weekend!
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