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Get Your Glam On

It’s time to get out the glitz as the Christmas party season is upon us.

Trawling the shops and Internet for that perfect party outfit can be a tedious task. As always, you want to stand out from the crowd - nothing is worse than showing up in the same accessories as Janine in Accounts or wearing the same shoes as Laura in Sales! And god forbid you have the same dress as Mandy in Delivery!!

Having spoken to a few friends of the shop, their most common dilemmas have been about heels, accessories and dress alternatives.....


Heels v Flats

Personally, I don't feel glam without a cracking pair of heels on. Barely reaching 5.5 on a good day, as soon as i put a pair of heels on, i feel on top of my little (i like to think) glamorous world! A record number of designer and high-street stores have recorded a growth in the sales of heels lately. Anything goes, whether it be a kitten heel or a skyscraper. If like me, you plan on dancing the night away, don't forget that comfort is key (and amazingly, that can be obtained without ending the night carrying your fabulous shoes in your even more fabulous bag)! Alexa Chung and Kate Moss have wowed the fashion world and critics alike, buy sporting a fabulous flat. But beware, there are rules when it comes to party flats. They must be out of this world - whether that's through a sparkly heel or a bejewelled toe - more is definitely better!


LBD v LCD (little colour dress)

Red does not mean Santa and green does not mean Christmas Tree! Nothing feels more wonderful than being the party goer who broke the mould and stepped away from the traditional little black dress.

DVF showed all colours of the rainbow for this season - white, green, purple and blue. Whilst Burberry and Dior were slightly more daring with their 80's style revivals. 

Don't be afraid to colour yourself happy this party season!


How can I accessorise without looking like a Christmas tree?

Once a country club staple, the pearl has made a bit of a comeback. Looped over a sheer blouse, pinned in an up-do or just wrapped around your wrist, its a look everyone can pull off

Not a look for any OCD sufferers out there, but the miss-match earring is a thing of brilliance.  Designers and high street shops alike are all loving this trend at the moment. Its the most fun game of mix and match you'll have. 


Do I  have to wear a dress?

No! Short answer i know.

The jumpsuit is a great alternative if a dress just isn't your cup of tea but you still want to look glamorous! 

Who can forget the amazing white jumpsuit Beyonce's sister wore on her wedding day and the striking red flared jumpsuit Cameron Diaz wore to the premier of Sex Tape. Whether you decide to stick for a classic silhouette or be daring and try a backless number make sure its tailored well. Wear with a tux style jacket and don't scrimp on the accessories!!


What ever your look is this season, just remember to have fun and wear it well!! 

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