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BEST PODCASTS 2018 UK: Fashion | Business | Entertainment | Comedy



I thought this week I might go down a slightly different route, let me know if you like it. I thought I might share my favourite podcasts with you. For those of you who don’t know - my commute is about 1 hour 20 minutes so I get in a really good podcast almost every day. I find youtube and podcasts alike a wonderful way to gain knowledge whilst you are doing something else. If you haven’t got into podcasts I can’t recommend them more highly. You can just search for anything that interests you and learn so much about so many different things before you have even started your day. Or you can find a really funny one and it’s a great way to relax or unwind after a stressful day at work. Watch the video below, or scroll past to read the rest of the blog.


Being a business owner, fashion lover and fitness freak that pretty much sums up what I would choose to listen to. Thrown in there is a little bit of light relief at the end! If you would be kind enough to reciprocate in the comments and tell me your top recommendations and why I would be so grateful.


So in at a STRONG number 1 is Sheer Luxe podcast. I love it. To summarise it is girl talk: they cover T.V, hot topics of the week, fashion trends and gossip they also usually have an interesting guest. The girls who run it have some strong opinions which I think always makes things a bit more interesting. Then every other week they also interview a female founder - people such as Jo Malone. It is inspiring, entertaining and educational all in equal measure. They do have a section called “The Brief” which summarises the news for that week. This is not quite so entertaining but can be an easy way to keep to date. I usually give these a miss though as I read the paper. If I was to recommend any of the podcasts, this would be it.


In at number 2 for me is How I Built This podcast. It is an awesome podcast which interviews incredibly successful founders. I find it inspirational and really encouraging as I try to grow my business as you realise that everyone started somewhere. The real draw for listeners is the calibre of guests that the show manages to attract: past episodes have featured the brains behind prominent startups including Instagram and Airbnb, but also more mainstream business leaders such as the executive chairman of Starbucks and the founders of Ben & Jerry’s. It’s an intimate insight into the history of well-known brands, and great inspiration if you’re looking to get your own business idea off the ground.


 In at number 3 is one that you need to listen to on a long journey: Serial podcast season 1: My husband and I had a long car ride over the summer and it kept us hooked the whole way. The only thing I can compare it to is Making a Murderer on Netflix but essentially it is about an investigative journalist unpicking a murder that happened and trying to work out who the culprit was. We haven’t listened to Season 2 & 3 - we are saving them for another long ride. It is fun to chat it through with someone else though! On another note, if you like gripping suspense thrillers you need to make sure you watch The Bodyguard on BBC - it is brilliant.


In fourth place is one that I dip in and out of but it is perhaps more relevant to me due to the fact I am running an e-commerce business in the fashion space and that is the Glossy podcast. This podcast particularly talks about how technology is transforming the fashion, luxury and beauty industries with the people making change happen in the space. Featured guests from major brands including Rebecca Minkoff, Alice& Olivia and many others discuss the challenges of navigating an increasingly complex digital environment.


In fifth place - I listen to various health podcasts. I get myself into rather obsessive ruts. At the moment I am obsessing over my gut and creating as many wonderfully diverse microbes as I possibly can. After suffering a little with my health some years ago before my wedding - I went to the Doctor and they were more concerned with giving me tablets to cure my illness than actually trying to work out what was causing it and tackling that. I ended up doing three rounds of antibiotics back to back which not only didn’t fix my health but resulted in me having a lot of stomach problems. Since then I have become a little obsessive over the number of vegetables I eat! Not only that - but I grew up in a world that was calorie, not quality obsessed so having to retrain my brain to actually think of the quality of food is very important to me. You can tell it’s a passion and I dip in and out of various podcasts but the current one I am enjoying is The Doctor’s Farmacy.


Finally, the last one is a guilty pleasure and I’m rather embarrassed to even be listing it - but it gives me some light relief when I walk home after a very stressful day. I would only recommend this if you are a Made in Chelsea watcher and under the age of 35 because it is terribly immature - and rather sex-obsessed but I listen to Private Parts Podcast. A hilarious podcast with Jamie and Francis from made in Chelsea. Some are quite funny, some miss the mark but essentially they interview various people including some Made in Chelsea co-stars.

If you do go and listen to any of these I would so appreciate you letting them know that Antonia from Timpanys sent you!


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