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Best Secondhand Shops in London

Sustainability has never been at the forefront of our minds like it is now. Following the COP-26 conference in Glasgow, climate change and the impact of fashion on the environment has become a key topic amongst consumers. However, while shopping sustainably may be on our agenda - this begs the question: where are the best places to shop second hand in the capital? 

We’ve outlined our top three second hand stores, highlighting where to shop and what to buy - so you can build a wardrobe that is as ethical as it is fashionable! 


If you’re looking to purchase pre-loved, high-end, designer-wear, then look no further than SOTT. We have been known as the number one secondhand spot for London shoppers for over 35 years. With top brands ranging from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, we offer everything from iconic, must-have handbags to dresses and coats that are investment worthy. Avoiding the hassle of selling privately, our luxury service takes care of your exquisite goods for you. Pop into our Chelsea store to take a look at our ever-changing stock or have a browse on our website to stay updated with the latest trends and statement pieces we have to offer! If you’re interested in selling with us, Whatsapp us some pictures of your items today and we can see if we can help! 


Based in Fulham, we recommend Deuxieme Dress Agency to many of our customers who have a wider range of items to sell. Offering basic, designer pieces that are usually around 3+ years old, this local London dress agency is the place to be if you’re looking for a varied selection of luxury goods. They sell an eclectic range of mid-to-high luxury brands, covering unnamed, vintage labels to well-known designer staples, such as Celine and Max Mara. 

William Vintage 

After launching its flagship store in London, 2009, William Vintage offers a range of bespoke collection pieces that bring vintage fashion into the centre of 21st century living. Clients include Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, and Amal Clooney. Located on Marylebone Street, the unique selection of occasionwear coupled with its celebrity hotspot status have turned the store into a world-leading vintage brand. 


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