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For all you mums, career girls and generally anyone that wants to look good in record time in the morning, this video is for you! Let me know your tips in the comments. Please see below for contact details and notes, kisses, Antonia



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Video notes

In the mornings I prioritise my gym routine I wake up early get out the door and leave myself only about 20 minutes to have a shower, do my make up and get dressed. Having done this ever since I started by business for the last 10 years I have got “dressing quickly” down to a fine art. Here I have a few simple rules I’d like to share with you:

1. Plan and pack your outfits the night before. My routine is to check the weather so I know what shoes and outerwear I need to wear and Unless you’ve worn it before and you know it works. Try it on. I know it’s annoying but it’s important because until you try it on you don’t know if it really works and what shoes & accessories will really will transform your outfit. The alternative to trying the outfit on the night before to to really speed things up is spend one afternoon a month shopping in your own wardrobe and curating outfits. I have a personal Pinterest account with mine saved for the days I am totally uninspired.

2. Have an unspoken uniform. Busy girls don’t really have time to deliberate for hours over what looks good you need something that you know will just work without really thinking about it. This therefore means you need to have an unspoken uniform. There are many examples of extremely successful people wearing the same thing every day as it is one less decision to make as their minds are so focused elsewhere. For example the late steve jobs or mark zuckerburg. Now working in fashion I do like to express myself somewhat so I wouldn’;t want to do this but I certainly have a uniform. It starts with understanding what you love wearing and what suits your body shape. For me I know one of my redeeming features is a good waist so I will purchase items that show that off. My go to is high waisted jeans, a nice belt and a top. I can mix this up each season with different shoes and accessories but the base is always the same. This is another reason why you should plan the night before what you wear so you are not starting the day with an unnecessary decision.

3. Invest in good jewellery that you can keep on all the time. This means that you are automatically accessorised and ready to run.

4. Play with quick, chic hair styles that work and look polished. Anything at the moment with a centre parting I think looks really chic. I always thing a bun is a clever style to try out on the go as no one can really see what is going on. As long as you have your wear all the time earrings in you’re going to look really chic and polished.

5. Make sure you do your make up properly. It doesn’t need to be much but I do think some means you look polished anything permanent and long lasting you can invest the quicker your time from waking up to running out will be. So eyebrows, gel nail nails and anything semi permanent really makes a difference.

6. Be organised. Make sure you’re organised and that everything has it’s right place. If this is the case you’re never flapping around losing things at the last minute. I am talking from historical experience on this one. I also put a monetary value on my time. For example I know that every day I am either at home, at work or in the gym. I make sure each place is stock with products I use so that I don’t need to even think about what I bringing with me. This does cost money but it costs me less brain time thinking about all the things I need to have with me.

What do you do? 


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