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The 8 benefits of buying and selling pre-owned designer goods

1. You are saving money
Buying designer handbags, clothes at shoes at retail price, even on clearance can be very expensive. So just think of that sweet sweet saving you are making by buying pre-owned designer at a fraction of the price. Here at Sign of the Times we expertly select pieces that are both on trend, timeless and of the best possible luxury quality. Take a look at our daily product drops to find your next pre-loved piece.
2. You are helping to save the environment
Approximately 140 million pounds worth of clothing goes into landfill every year. That's 140 million pounds worth of clothes that could be reused/recycled. When you sell designer goods, you are doing your bit to help save the environment. It really is so important to look after this beautiful world we live in. Find out more about sustainability at Sign of the Times here.
3. You are supporting local business
Buying and selling designer clothes and handbags with Sign of the Times helps to support local business. We are so grateful to all our lovely customers and sellers! (We are open 10-6pm Monday-Saturday and 12-5pm on Sundays)
Store front, Sign of the Times
4. Sell more, buy more!
The more you sell, the more money you have to spend on buying something else! It's guilt free shopping! (how good does that feel?!) 
Items such as Chanel don't lose their value, therefore making them investment pieces. Buying a Chanel could later help you make money as their value goes up.
5. Buy something unique
The amount of times you walk into 3 different bricks and mortars and the majority are all stocking the same type of shirt or the same type of tapered trouser (Zzz) I right? So be different! Shop pre-owned and find something amazing! It may be last month or last season, but most likely your friends wont be wearing the same! 
6. Discover new brands
A lot of us have our favourite brands who we are loyal too, but there are SO many out there that you probably still don't know about. Shopping somewhere like Sign of the Times helps you to discover those brands you may not have come across elsewhere. "My favourite discovery this year is Willow. We've had some beautiful dresses from this brand, and I didn't even know who they were two months ago" - Holly, Timpanys
7. Its free to sell (well.. it is free with us!)
Some websites may charge you a fee to sell with them, we don't do this, selling with Sign of the Times is free. We only take a simple 50/50 commission upon sale of the item (commission differs on higher value items such as Hermes, Chanel). We will also list your items on our website free of charge, giving them international exposure. We aim to deliver the most convenient online buying and selling experience possible. We offer next day delivery on most orders, (or even same day within London if you order before 2pm) where as in comparison to large brands such as Vestiare Collective, you may be waiting up to a few weeks to receive your item from them. We want you to enjoy convenient, hassle free shopping.
buy and sell designer clothes
 8. You'll find good quality items
Find investment pieces and expertly made ready to wear from the top designer brands. Sign of the Times have a beautiful selection from brands such as Prada, Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and many many more. You can purchase items that are made to last, which again will help you save money in the long run and make a positive difference to the environment! Once you're done you can resell your items again, contributing to a more circular fashion economy.


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