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Chanel Bag Overview

Chanel is a timeless favourite, if your going to spend big on a bag- spend big on Chanel. Chanels very rarely lose their value, therefore are not only a fashion statement but also an investment piece. Chanel is one of the most iconic brands, known for its classic quilted patterns, interlocking CC's and up-most luxurious leathers.
This blog takes a look at the different shapes from Chanel, their attributes and details.

Chanel Flap Bag

(Available online at, £2,950)

The Chanel Flap bag was introduced in 1955 and has since become the most recognisable design from Chanel. This bag has the double flap, mademoiselle closure and mademoiselle metal chain handle. The designer, Mademoiselle Chanel wanted a hands free bag; therefore the chains were designed to be slung over the wearers shoulder or crook of the arm. Over the years, variations of the bag have been made, differing the use of leathers, colours and fabrics. In 1983 Karl Largerfeld joined the house of Chanel as artistic director, and while Coco Chanel was the original designer of the CC logo- it was Karl who introduced the interlocking CC closure on the flaps.

The Chanel Flap Bags are referred to as "The Timeless Classics" by Chanel.

Sizing- The flap bag comes in 6 different sizes:

In 1955 the Chanel Flap Bag was updated, hence the name "2.55". The exact copy of the 2.55 was released again in 2005 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the original design. (Sizes 244, 225, 226, 227 & 228 are now discontinued)

Chanel Boy Bag

(Available online at, £3,000)

Karl Largerfeld designed the Boy Bag collection for Chanel as an interpretation for the boyish charm Chanel was known for. Karl was known for saying that the very spirit of Chanel was inspired by Boy Capel, the love of her life. 

Sizing- The boy comes in Small, Medium, New Medium & Large

The Chanel Shopping Tote

(GST- Sold out at, £1,395)

The chanel shopping tote is one of the most popular styles. This bag is typically made from Caviar Leather and comes in a variety of colours, most commonly though, in beige and black. This bag can be named under its initials, for example GST= Grand Shopping Tote, PST= Petite Shopping Tote, PTT= Petite Timeless Tote and XL- pretty self explanatory=Extra Large. 

Below is a variation on the tote from Chanel, with a flap close. Available online at for £700. 

So there you have it, a quick overview of some of the Chanel Bags available. Check out for more Chanel. Click here





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