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CHANEL GABRIELLE BAG SERIES: Prices / designs & more

I have to admit when I first saw the Chanel Gabrielle bag I was not at all convinced. I thought it was pretty ugly and not my cup of tea at all.


Then somewhere between the start of writing this article and finishing it something changed. Perhaps it was the endless images of fashionable women rocking her in day to night outfits. Or perhaps it is the fresh move away from a classic Chanel style such as the flap bag in classic or boy style that really has me hooked but something about this bag has really intrigued me.

Let me give you some background designed by Karl Lagerfeld the Chanel Gabrielle bag is the brand’s first (major) new bag model since 2011’s Boy. The Gabrielle was first released in Spring / Summer 2017 after previewing at the October 2016 show. Why is it called Gabrielle, you ask? Well, that’s the actually the real name of the iconic designer. Coco, the name that has become so legendary today, was merely a nickname used by her nearest and dearest.

This collection seemed different from the classic Chanels – perhaps younger and more casual. According to designer Karl Lagerfeld, she was less feminine this is reflected in the bag it’s bold, unisex and timeless just like Coco herself.

The hobo featured in the video features – a zip-top north-south bag with three straps including  gold, ruthenium and silver. They are attached to the bag in such a manner it can be worn in multiple ways – crossbody, over the shoulder, over both shoulders or over one shoulder and your waist. The Gabrielle certainly divides opinion then and still now. For some it is confusing – shown with carried on the shoulder with an extra strap across the body. For others, it was refreshing – contemporary and hands free with options.


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