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If your a big brand like Chanel (or any brand lets be honest) you won't take a counterfeit lying down....

This week Chanel has taken more than 24 Amazon sellers to court for selling replica items featuring the recognisable Chanel logo. Vogue online stated: "Infringement and intellectual property rights are taken seriously in the industry which relies upon brands maintaining a solid reputation and protecting how every element of its operations are perceived."

It was only last year that Alexander Wang won 90 million dollars in damages after suing more than 45 defendants that were operating around 459 sites selling counterfeit goods with the brands name on. 

Chanel will receive the damages after Amazon transfers the payments from the sellers accounts to the famous fashion house (this was ordered by the judge).

The sale of counterfeit goods is illegal- hence why it is SO important to make sure you buy your designer items from an honest seller who has their items authenticated. Here at Timpanys everything is authenticated for your piece of mind (and ours!). 




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