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I am going to caveat this video before I start by saying I absolutely love designer shoes and buy them any way and that there are exceptions to every rule. Such as brand new, sold out items that have not been worn. When I talk about “an investment” I mean the amount you can resell it for compared to the purchase price and then comparing this to other areas  you could spend your money. Watch along and let me know your thoughts in the comments. 


    1. Specifically you will notice that I use the term “heels” in the title this is because “heels” even if they are worn once or twice more often than not look like they have done 10 rounds with mike tyson and then been dragged up the pavement backwards. What I am saying is - if you choose to spend £600 on a pair of heels and wear them twice compared to £600 on a designer bag and wear it twice we know which one will look less used and therefore hold it’s value better.
    2. Size matters when re-selling an item you want to maximise the pool of potential buyers. Clothes can be altered by shoes are the size they are.
    3. The pay per wear. This one granted will depend on your lifestyle but if you are anything like me my trainers and flat shoes I literally live in. The beautiful Jimmy Choo heels I bought for my wedding day worn 7 times, the amazing and comfy I must say Rupert Sanderson cage sandals I bought for an event last year - amazing but the pay per wear is still up in the high hundreds. I tend to invest now in good boots, cool trainers and shoes that I know will finish lots of outfits that I wear every day. Then make wise buying choices on heels.
    4. Shoes are an easy way to update your outfit so that you look more on trend. For example a classic t-shirt and jeans combo can be transformed from one summer to the next by changing up shoes and accessories. This by definition makes shoes more of a trend item. I would argue that dropping big sums of money on trend items that might not be “in fashion” in a say 2 years time is  not the best investment. Rather spending on timeless and classic pieces such as a Burberry trench or a Chanel WOC will hold value better. Having said all of this all rules are made to be broken and I do believe that there are a few timeless heels that you can invest in that will stand the test of time and therefore make a good investment. For me these would be a classic Louboutin that is not too high or a simple sandal by Aquazurra and a classic court by Jimmy Choo. You could also throw in there a Saint Laurent bootie.


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