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My five rules for buying sunglasses! Buy all of the ones seen in the video here.

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1. Think carefully about when to buy designer and when to buy high street. Fun shapes easy way to buy into a new season - easy designer accessory to lift a look into a more luxe finish with high street pieces. Perhaps more trend-led pieces from high street and more classic pieces splurge on a designer pair.
2.Buy for your face over fashion.
3.Only buy sunglasses in store - or if you’ve tried them on. Make sure you take a photo of yourself so that you actually know what you look like.
4.If you’re taking a risk - which you should - consider your budget. Match your sunglasses with the colour of your outfit / shoes or bag.
5. Don’t feel guilty….You can have quite a few pairs in your wardrobe - some more suitable for beach/city. Don’t feel guilty about owning quite a few pairs. If you don’t like wearing them the first few times - sell immediately.



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