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Drawing autumn wardrobe inspiration from TV style icons

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Autumn is the time where we bring out our fashion A-game. Just because the temperature is dropping doesn't mean that we have to make a sartorial step back. And while there are mandatory items that we have to wear everyday, like face masks, we still have free rein to wear whatever we please, so long as we're safe and comfortable, of course.

As mentioned by Saskia in a piece about autumn trends this year, coats with multiple, contrasting fabrics and deconstructed pieces will prevail. Classic silhouettes and draped panels are also likely to be a crowd favourite this time of the year. But if you don't want to follow these trends and want something different, you may want to look into the style of UK's most popular TV icons. From Holly Willoughby to Kate Middleton, here are some fashion icons you would want to take inspiration from:

Jodie Comer, eccentric and elegant

Credit - on Instagram

Best known for her role as a psychopathic assassin on the hit show Killing Eve, Jodie Comer is just as fashionable off-screen as she is on-screen. Her character Villanelle's wardrobe can only be described as covetable, as it is a mix of eccentric pieces that you'll want to have in your own closet. The woman behind the character isn't far off — Comer herself is equally impressive with her style decisions. While she claims to be most comfortable with jeans and shirts, she can also be bold just as she is on-screen. In fact, her fashion inspiration is no other than Tilda Swinton.

If you want to strike a balance between Comer and Villanelle's styles for autumn, invest in cropped jackets, A-line dresses, oversized coats, and vintage silhouettes. Chunky hiker boots and wool coats are also a must-have for the star, as well as a plain white t-shirt that you can pair with anything. To complete your looks, don't forget to accessorise with statement earrings and accessories.


Holly Willoughby, floral and flirty

Credit - on Instagram

If there's one thing the country looks forward to in the morning these days, it's Holly Willoughby on This Morning. The television presenter is always a delight to watch, not only because of her bright personality but also because her sartorial choices are nothing short of impressive. It all started when she turned heads at the London Fashion Week a few years ago after sporting an Ashish-designed long-sleeved rainbow dress, making fashion editors pay more close attention to her outfits.

It is fair to say that in recent years everyone has been paying close attention to Willoughby as her star has shone ever brighter. A survey on the most popular daytime TV icons on Gala Bingo placed Holly Willoughby near the top spot, earning her the title 'Queen of Daytime TV.' Indeed, her stories and style have contributed to this ranking, which is definitely well deserved. If you wish to covet her style, you may want to incorporate bright colours into your autumn wardrobe. Blush-hued pieces are always a no-fail option, while dark floral tops and dresses won't make you look like you're stuck in spring.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, regal yet trendy


Credit - on Instagram

This list wouldn't be complete without the mention of the Duchess of Cambridge, more popularly referred to as Kate Middleton. She's not a TV personality per se, but we sure see her on the telly quite a lot. Whether it's for official appearances or just off-duty outings, the duchess never fails to dress to impress. She knows when to debut new prints, while also know when to sport timeless pieces for her day-to-day activities.

It's during autumn when she truly shines, as she's consistently blowing us away with her fashion choices. Kate is a pro when it comes to pulling out her tights, tweeds, and plaids. But if you want to follow her fall style formula, opt for burgundy, green, and mustard pieces, as well as statement coats, trousers for a regal and polished look.


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