Excess stock? An alternative to TK Maxx for small retailers

Are you a small retailer who has excess stock to sell? Don't like the idea of your beautiful designer clothing being jobbed off to a discount retailer for a low price?
A great way to get your stock in front of an audience that appreciates high-quality clothing is to consign your pieces on the luxury second-hand market. Not only will companies like SOTT be able to get you a much higher price than just 'stock-jobbing' it but you will also be able to get back anything that doesn't sell allowing you then to squeeze out the last of the margin by selling it cheap. 
We have a large and loyal presence in London and Berkshire as well as a combined social media following of 20k allowing us to sell internationally. With a combined trading history of over 40 years, our knowledgable and trustworthy team has expert knowledge of the preloved market and it's our job to make selling your preloved designer items as simple as possible. Our hassle-free service means we will come to you to collect your items and deal with everything for you from advertising your items to shipping them once they sold and then paying you directly. 
Consigning your excess designer inventory through a luxury second-hand marketplace such as SOTT will not only get you the best bang for your buck but it is also environmentally conscience as it extends the lifecycle of your items and contributes to the slow fashion movement.