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Where to buy and sell second hand designer shoes


It seems that daily we are being educated on the importance of looking after our planet. By choosing to invest in, and ultimately extend the lifecycle of designer shoes, you are doing your bit to protect our world from the huge effects of pollution caused by fashion production. So, first of all a huge, amazing, well done for even looking into how you can sell your designer shoes. Secondly, just to make you aware, there are quite a few different places that one can buy and sell second hand designer goods and here we try and outline the different options available across the U.K. depending on the sort of items you have to sell and how much effort you are willing to put into selling them. 

The types of designer shoes that always sell well include timeless items. For example, think classic Gucci loafers or second hand Chanel trainers. Depending on the time of year, you might also find that beautiful designer heels by Manolo Blahnik, Louboutin or Gianvitto Rossi might sell well. Then come mid-winter, you will always find that a second hand pair of Chanel boots will hold its value. Items that tend to sell quite cheaply include basics e.g. ballet flats or mid-range, well-loved shoes this is because it is likely that if someone is looking to invest in a designer piece, they want something a little "stand out". You have to also be aware that fashion is fickle and you should sell as soon as you can. Holding on to pieces can result in their style becoming less desirable, for example; a square toe vs pointed might result in you getting less than you hoped for them depending on the current trend.


Sell high end designer trainers and shoes up to two years old - SOTT is the quickest and simplest option

For a personal and simple service, SOTT is the best option for selling your second hand designer shoes. From second-hand Chanel trainers to preloved Gucci loafers, we have been the number one choice for London's elite for 35 years. Selling online, in store and offering you same day home collections to get items out of your house ASAP. SOTT is the perfect choice for busy people who like a personal and efficient service and don't like the buearcracy of dealing with a big company. We are used to dealing with high society people who value privacy and have large volumes of exquisite designer goods to sell so you are in safe hands. SOTT sell everything (jewellery, bags, shoes, clothing etc.) so it's an easy one-stop selling shop. Whatsapp us some pictures now to see if we could help with your items....

Vintage designer shoes (specialist) e.g. Couture Thierry Mugler 

For specialist, couture, vintage pieces and wonderful and rare designer creations, one should look no further than Kerry Taylor auctions. With her Sotheby's history and regular specialist auctions taking place, this is the perfect place if you have a truly original, one of a kind item to sell.

Sell mid-range or well-loved designer shoes

If you are looking to sell basic designer pieces in person that are more often than not around 3+ years old, we would suggest looking for your local dress agency. We often recommend Deuxieme in Fulham for these sorts of pieces. We would always suggest calling first to see what they are taking.


Use a service such as SOTT that offers clients the option to purchase in store or online. Or alternatively use the following online options:

Sell vintage designer and upper high street clothing e.g. Retro sportswear, and Whistles

If you can style items well and you are happy to put in a reasonable amount of effort to sell your items, including taking photographs, trips to the post office and answering questions then Depop could be a great option. It is a young market so why not enlist the help of a student looking to make a bit of a side income during the holidays?

Sell mid range or well loved designer shoes

Once again you will need to put in a reasonable amount of effort but you can sell your basics on ebay. We would suggest pricing things in at a low price (people tend to overvalue their own items) and shipping items quickly. We never recommend selling items of high value to start with until you have built up a good selling record with ebay.

Bulk sell older designer shoes

We hate to break it to you but these items don't command much value. For pieces such as this, we would recommend using Thrift+,  you will receive the value back in credit on their store and 30% of proceeds go to charity.


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