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How shopping second hand helps the planet, your bank account and your wardrobe

As we entered 2020, many of us have felt and seen the huge turnaround and focus that the world has been having on the issues of global warming and the effects that the fashion industry has had on it. The idea of buying second hand no longer has the stigma behind it that it used to. More and more women are saying no to fast, disposable fashion and yes to preloved, well-made products with a story.
“It used to be that people were looking to access luxury brands at a cheaper cost and it was the lower price tags that were the primary motivator. Now, I would say, consumers are driven by a desire to shop more ethically and this is particularly true among younger consumers.” - Fanny Moizant,Vestiaire Collective co-founder 
As more and more people are consciously shopping, we thought we should share with you why shopping second-hand helps the planet, your bank account and your wardrobe.
We all love fashion but it definitely does have an ugly side, and buying second hand is the easiest way to stay fashionable, sustainably. Many of us may or may not know but producing clothing takes an awful lot of chemicals, water and energy which all contributes to the global warming crisis we are all currently witnessing. For example, it takes 5-6 years worth of 1 persons' drinking water to produce a single pair of jeans, and globally we produce 2 billion pairs a year. By buying second hand you are making sure that this water has not been wasted, and the clothes are being used to their fullest potential. When we do this right it means it can take up to 5/10 years before that garment hits landfill in comparison to the few months we currently have now.
“In the U.K we currently dump 11million items of clothing into landfill every week” - Forbes
Everyone loves a bargain, right?! Is there a better feeling than seeing a handbag, or coat you’ve lusted over for the past year, now on sale in your favourite preloved shop for a fraction of the original price? We don’t think so. More or less, the only reason people get rid of their unwanted clothing and accessories is that they no longer fit, they’re bored of them or just do not use them enough, there is often nothing physically wrong with it. This means you can find almost brand new, designer items at an affordable price making for perfect guilt-free shopping. 
Everyone has a budget, and sometimes that can get in the way of looking and feeling our best, which is why fast fashion has grown so much. But with the luxury industry now having a huge market for pre loved designer items, you no longer have to sacrifice the quality of your clothing for a cheaper price. For example you can shop this Chanel blue deauville bag with a retail price of £2,420 for almost half that price at Timpanys.
Shopping second-hand means you can save the planet, and your wardrobe by buying products that are new to you. Currently, more and more people care about the way they look and what they’re wearing and are constantly wanting to switch it up. By shopping preloved you are encouraging the recycling of your clothes, you can wear your luxury items and then sell them on without haven’t to worry about the negative impact of where it is going once you’re done with them, creating a circular economy the best way we can with what we already have.
Here are our top 3 tips when shopping second hand:
  1. Designer handbags are an investment item, look for a brand which stands the test of time and will not lose its value. i.e Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel
  2. Consider how you store your items, protect from dust and moths to help your items retain their value. Look after your clothes, and they will look after you.
  3. Create a relationship with your local/ favourite preloved shop, to find out when items you may like are in stock. We suggest signing up to the email newsletter and following on their Instagram pages to see the latest new releases. This will also help you want to sell your items through a preloved store like Timpanys. 


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