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How to buy an investment coat....



How to buy a winter coat that will last for years: INVESTMENT COATS

Next to shoes and handbags coats can have some serious prices tags so how can you guarantee that when you purchase one it will last you for years to come? Realistically you will need more than one but I reckon four or five good coats should see you through everything you have going on. Take time and find the ones you love and they will last you for years. Here I share with you my four favourite types of coat to consider having in your wardrobe.

  1. The winter weight Trench Coat. I strongly believe that everyone should have a trench coat in their wardrobe. They are neutral in colour which means they go with everything. They can be layered up with fur gilets either over or under and most definitely work well for those trans-seasonal times in Autumn and coming out of winter in the Spring.
  2. The Classic smart fitted coat this could be in black but it could also be in a bright hue too. This should fit you impeccably and can be worn over dresses in the evening or for smart day occasions.
  3. The fun coat for weekends. This is where you can go a bit over the top - invest in something fun maybe a leopard print number or something you just adore and can be worn with jeans or out at night over leather trousers. Something more fashion lead. If I was going to skimp on anything it would be this one as it is the one you are most likely to grow tired of over the years.
  4. The practical princess. This is your winter warmer - for me, this is my Joseph shearling coat. I know even when it is sub zero outside I can still be snuggly warm.

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