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How to clear-out your wardrobe in 10 easy steps

Stuck at home with extra time on your hands? Use it wisely and give your wardrobe a spring clear-out... your future self will be grateful when it's time to get back to the real world again! Here are our 10 tips to do it well.
1. Set the scene
Whether it's a weekend pick me up, a rainy day chore or a chance to get away from the family for an hour or two, make sure you give yourself the time. Daylight is better for a try on. A tidy bedroom and a clear bed is an absolute must. Wardrobe decisions are tough... make sure you're feeling calm so you can tackle it with a level head. You don't want to enter a frenzied flurry of throwing clothes away and end up regretting your choices. Have a cup of tea, pop your favourite music on, take a deep breath and get to work!

2. Know your style
Look at the items you wear over and over again. Think about what makes you feel good. Have a look at recent photos and notice what outfits you look happiest in. Take a note of the shapes, colours and materials that work for you - those are the items you should keep. Don't forget to remind yourself why you're doing this - because you no longer want to rifle through clothes that you never wear!

3. Take everything out
Don't just stand there pushing your items from side to side while scratching your head saying 'this is too hard'. Be bold - take everything out and put it on your bed. Find everything you wear all the time and pop it back in. Doesn't it feel great only to be looking at the items that you actually wear?

4. Try it on
Now for everything else, try it on, and see if it works with those wardrobe heroes you already selected. Can I wear it to work? Will it work for weekends? Can I wear it on a night out? Does it fit me? Does it flatter me? Does it suit me? Unless the answer is yes, yes, yes, it's time to get rid.

5. Be realistic
Go back to the wardrobe. Have you kept too much? Are there items here that you're keeping just because they're pretty, or have sentimental value? Do they actually fit and suit you, or will you never wear them? Have you been meaning to take up those amazing wide-leg vintage trousers for three years? Be realistic, you'll never get around to it. On the other end of the scale, don't be too ruthless, remember trends come and go but items that suit you can be timeless.

6. Go seasonal
Remove any out-of-season items and put them away. Use vacuum bags if you don't have much storage space and store them in your suitcases/under your bed. Remember to edit your clothes from storage before the beginning of every season - it's a great time to sell or donate the items you don't think you'll wear.

7. Organise it well 
Get some slim velvet hangers - your clothes will hang nicely on them and they will stay in shape. Fold your knitwear flat so it doesn't sag and get yourself some moth balls. Roll up, don't fold the items you store in drawers, so you can easily see what you've got. Colour code your rails by category so it's lovely to look through and easy to find what you need. Keep your nicest shoes in boxes to prevent marks and dust, writing a label or sticking on a picture to remind you what's inside. And keep your designer bags in their dust bag to keep them clean and scuff-free.

8. Do the hanger turn test
Put everything in your wardrobe with the hanger pointing towards you so it's hard to take out. Every time you wear something, turn the hanger around the other way so it's easy to lift in and out. In 6 months time, if you have not worn that item, unless it's being saved for a fancy event, it needs to go! 

9. Sell what you can
You can send your pieces to us at Sign of the Times and we will do all of the work to sell them for you. Items in an amazing condition, of high value and from top quality brands will sell well. Take a quick photo of your spring/summer pieces and Whatsapp them over to us on 07801 535 153. We can arrange a non-contact collection from your door.

10. Donate and recycle
Save the rest to donate for a good cause. Do you have any work-wear? Donate them to the charity Smart Works who have centres all over the country helping women get back into the workplace. Your local charity shops will be grateful for your other items when open, but don't forget to send them clean and ironed so they're ready to sell. There are textile recycling banks at large supermarkets for anything too worn for re-wear to be recycled. 


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