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How to grow your small business: 5 ways events lead to growth

Five ways holding an event helps you to grow your small business. Watch this weeks video blog with Antonia as she talks about how she has grown her business using events.


Topics discussed:

1. Stand out from the crowd - there are so many small businesses and online stores all vying for attention. Events can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and allow people to get to know you personally. Meeting face to face builds trust and people can see / touch your products - it builds trust and relationship.

2.Give back before you take - people are sick of being sold to. Invest in them before you ask them to spend with you.  Customers reward effort and thoughtfulness by choosing you above other brands in the future. By going above and beyond with the way you host your event it creates good will so don't skimp on cheap food and drinks - and make sure they leave feeling spoilt. 

3. Build a community around your brand - when people come to your events they meet like minded people with whom they have your business in common. This again creates trust, a sense of fun and a real buzz around what you are doing. Social media is an online version of this sort of community - but in person it has an even stronger effect. Word of mouth is the best way you can grow your business and holding an event creates excellent ripples in the community. Your clients will also bring other like minded customers so you can build out your network.

4. Exposure - it is a great opportunity to invite the press, invite bloggers and also a great opportunity for you to create content for your business. Interview clients, ask them what they think of your business and get them to share photos from the day on their social media.

5. Sales - I wrote this last as it is as a business ultimately what you are hoping to drive from the day. Whether that be at the event due to the hype and buzz or later down the line with a customer who attended and choose your business because they have already been invested in by you. An an event is a long term investment much like P.R. that can take a few months to recoup. 

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