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HOW TO: store, protect & maintain your luxury designer bags

One of the major reasons that we can't maximise the value on a resale is because items have not look after or store properly. Here Antonia share's with you her top 5 tips for looking after your designer bags.



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1) Store: Stuff bag with paper and make sure all zippers are closed. Don’t stack bags and make sure they are not touching one another. Also make sure they are not in direct sunlight

2) Protect: Becarefuly with your use of handcreams and cosmetics transferring on to handles. Do not place your bag on the floor in restaurants / toilets etc. Instead hang them on place them on a chair. Equally do not dump them on the kitchen side. Particularly careful of the bottom corners.

3) Handbags are for using which means you will more than likely be carrying pens and makeup. I would suggest switching to pencils and also Investing in pouches in which to carry items within your bag to protect in case of leaks. The number one damage to linings that we see are make up leaks and biro stains. This can massively devalue your beautiful purchases.

4) Once you have opened food or drink - don’t put food and drink in your bag - all good for 2 years and then it all goes wrong.

5) Weather - if you get caught in bad weather make sure that you clean your bag so that it doesn’t stain forever. You can purchase rain covers for your bags. Lots of youtube videos that tell you how to get stains off but be great if it doesn’t happen in the first place!


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