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Meet The Blogger: Nikole Powers

We were so excited when Nikole said she'd be happy to get involved in a blog collab with us! Nikole is owner of fashion, travel, lifestyle & beauty blog 'In High Demand'. With over 80,000 followers on Instagram, Nikole is very successful within the blogging industry. Not only is she a sucessful blogger, but a talented stylist with a very interesting career background. (Read about her background here.)

Here we speak style, travel, christmas present tips and charity projects with Nikole. Enjoy..

We see you split your time between LA and New York, how does your style change depending on where you are?
I’ve actually been spending more time in London rather New York. La style is one on its own no where else I’ve ever been in like it. When Im in London and Ny, I tend to wear way more black. I am also more apt to dress up. In LA people dress casual day to night. 

Being the traveller you are, any tips for the girl on the go? Items you just cant travel without?  
Of course! I never travel without these things. A good silk scarf, a pair of jeans that you love even after you’ve eaten 3 bowls of pasta. Simple white trainers, I like Common Project or Adidas. A good blazer that can go over everything and a killer time piece. A good watch can elevate any look. 
With the Christmas season approaching- whats been your best and worst presents? Any tips for gift buying?  
I think nice scarves and small leather goods are always nice gifts, worst gifts are clothes. Buying the right size and style is next to impossible unless you know the person really well. 
Being the fashion lovers we are, new york is a fave place to visit for a shopping weekend. Can you recommend any hidden gems that are a must visit in new york?  Gosh, there are so many amazing places in New York. I visit to the MET is always a must. A stroll through central park. Stop into Bergdorf’s for afternoon lunch and shopping. The restaurant is on the 9th floor overlooking the park. One of my favorite Christmas traditions. 
We absolutely love that you get involved with charity projects, can you tell us more about this?
My Friend Rachael, is the Founder of Style Saves. We work with sending under privileged kids back to school with new uniforms and supplies. Here the in the US kids aren’t allowed to go to school without a uniform and a single mom of 3 can really struggle to purchase these. We also have a major relief for Haiti since Hurricane Matthew. The link is here We would love for you to get involved. 
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