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Meet The Blogger: Tias Doorstep

This week we had the opportunity to speak with the lovely Taliah, of Tias Doorstep. Check out her blog here- what a gem! Here Taliah tells us of her love for fashion, travel and style.

Tell us abit about yourself, and why you started your blog?

I am a graduate from The University of Manchester and I am currently a Content Writer for an Organic clothing company. Creating my own fashion blog has always been on my 'to do list' from a young age, but I never wanted to create it half heartedly just for the sake of having a blog. That's why I decided to put it off for a few years to concentrate on my studies, but once I graduated I instantly began blogging and investing my time in making sure that it was up to a standard that I wanted. I like to believe that I have a good sense of style, that's why I started blogging to share my tips and looks with people who have an interest in fashion; and I aspire to be a source of inspiration to people who are in search for something new and different when it comes to fashion. 

Where did your love of fashion stem from?

I'd be lying if I didn't say that my sister played a huge part in making me realise how much I love fashion and how much fun it is to play around with clothes. I would watch her put together such quirky outfits which gave me the confidence to do the same. Fashion allows you to express yourself without saying a word, it is so powerful. I'd like to think that my love for fashion is innate.
We see you travel a lot, how does this influence your style?

My style changes depending on where I'm travelling to. I like to be respectful of a country's cultural, political and religious views when it comes to clothing. And of course, the weather also plays a huge role in my choice of outfits! If I'm travelling to Asia/Middle East I tend to me more mindful of what I'm going to wear, so I tend to wear more modest outfits. I also enjoy wearing some of the traditional/cultural clothing that the locals wear too, it allows me to experience the country that much more. However, I do change it up a little by adding my own sense of style to it. 

What are your suitcase essentials? (Must take travel items)

There are so many but I'll narrow it down to the most important ones for me. I cannot travel without my cotton eye mask, it's a must for flights! Sun cream, because it's so important. My go to Oscar De La Renta black sunglasses that go with all of my outfits and instantly turns an entire outfit looking oh so chic. My camera, I would be mortified if I forgot to take my camera with me! And lastly, one pair of good heels and a pair of trendy trainers is an absolute must.

Pick your favourite item on, why is it your favourite and how would you wear it/style it?

My favourite item on Timpanys is the Chanel Boy bag in vinyl leather. We all need a Chanel bag in our wardrobe, it's a staple piece that can turn any plain outfit into one that instantly has character and exudes style. I would wear the Chanel Bog bag with a white t shirt layered with a black silk lace camisole, paired with ripped blue jeans and black mink fur heels for an evening look. 



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