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Meet the Blogger: Yasmins Intro

Meet Yasmin...

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Yasmin, who created the blog: Yasminsinstro. Yasmin is a London based blogger who we can really relate too, a lover of fashion- like us, lover of style- like us and also a bit of a foodie- again, us. This blog dives into Yasmins love for fashion, her favourite designers, and also a few nifty fashion tips for the woman on the go...

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Well I am from London, was born here and live here. I studied Art when I was younger as I have always been into anything creative and I loved it. After finishing my Art studies I went onto study fashion at the London College of fashion. I actually properly started focusing on my blogging just a year ago now.

What made you start your blog?

So I did start blogging a year ago, but I made my blog way before this – I just didn’t really get into it until later and thats when I started my Instagram alongside it. I mainly started my blog to share my style and ideas with everyone and to fulfil the love I have for fashion. Blogging is such a great way to express your style, give others ideas and the best thing is you’re in control of the direction you want to take it so it’s great.

Where does your love of fashion stem from?

From a very young age I found myself really into fashion, my mama noticed this and encouraged me to go ahead and express it, which I was so thankful for. I remember watching a competition on one of those children’s morning programs, it was to create an outfit and send it in, and that was it I went off and drew tons of outfits- didn’t stop after that. I used to watch a lot of fashion shows on TV and would go off and create my own outfits so I used this as inspiration and I would wear them out! Although my style has changed now, I really wasn’t afraid to wear anything in my teens especially. My mum used to always buy me traditional asian fabrics and make me dresses and she would often wear quite Avant garde outfits in colour and print, she had loads of stilettos and I remember this stand of vintage earrings when I was younger so I always played dress up from her closet all the time.

Favourite designers? and why..

There are many designers that I do love for different reasons but I would say right now it is Balmain because I love the combination of that edgy feel and French chic style. It is done so well and the pieces are always stunning. Acne studios, I could wear anything from them. I also love Elie saab and Zuhair Murad for evening wear because the dresses are actually amazing even just to look at.

 Does being a mum effect your style choices, are you more practical now for example?

 Yes! I think I have actually learnt a lot as well as it changing, For example I can put an outfit together quicker than ever! Lol, & the obvious one would be shoe choices, I often opt for the comfortable shoes where as before I was a real - heels most days girl.

Do you have any tips for the mummas out there, who love fashion, but just don't have the time to go shopping often? Style tips? Ways to take a casual outfit from day to night? Anything you think may help!

Things that I feel have helped me is actually having more classic items in your wardrobe mixed with a couple of trend pieces which you can switch up each season. This way you can have your classics all year round and you’re only buying a few new pieces each season to wear with those classic pieces you already own. Another tip is - do not buy too much! You will have a 'mountains of clothes but nothing to wear scenario' over and over; when shopping look for things that go with items you already have in your wardrobe, and only have a handful from each category so: 4 x jeans different shades, 3 black trousers different cuts ect this just makes it easier to put together outfits and you still have variety – always replace items too, don’t just add pieces without getting rid of some - basically quality over quantity.

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Usually when heading out for the evening I would just change my shoes, trust me it makes all the difference when you add a good shoe and I love jackets so outgoing sparkly, printed or embroidered jackets can change your outfit totally, so they are good investments.

What is your favourite piece on, why? and how would you wear it/style it?

 I actually changed this last minute because it was one of the the Chanel flap bag’s but then thought that is a classic choice without saying so I should be a bit more – less predictable? – Although of course I do love it. So I spotted the Alexander Wang diego pebble leather shoulder bag, which is pretty much my style and I would wear it day or evening. Day with some washed blue or black jeans, t-shirt, and boots then evening I could easily throw it on with a pretty black dress to make the outfit a little edgier – done.

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We see your also a bit of a foodie, like us, any new spots you can reccomend in london that we just MUST try?

 I haven’t been yet but wanted to visit Chin chin lab in Camden they serve ice cream flavours frozen with liquid nitrogen, and they look great! Other places are not really new, but one of my favourite places is Sticks ‘n’ sushi. If you’re a sushi lover this pace is a must! It was founded by two brothers who took inspiration from their half - Japanese, half -Danish background so you see this in the menu, which is really different to other places, in a good way.

 Don't forget to check out Yasmins blog & give her a follow here.