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Exotic skin handbags: why you should snap up a croc!




Exotic skin handbags. Why you should snap up a croc. The term exotic refers to many different types of unusual hides including but not exclusively crocodile, stingray, ostrich, shark, snake and eel! Some I have more interest in having on my arm than others! One thing is for sure that if a designer chooses to make a bag from an exotic it will add a zero to the price tag! The most expensive Birkin in the world was valued at $430 000 -and was made of a rare crocodile skin. 

The fact that a bag is created from a rare skin means that it will maintain its value, therefore not only is it a beautiful piece for your arm, but a fantastic investment as well. If you can afford the hefty price tag to start with your money is well placed. Having said this if you are buying for investment purposes, I would choose a neutral colour and classic style. Something like the beautiful Serapian Crocodile bag with pearl clasp we have in store at the moment. View here:


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