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My six favourite investment bags in 3 different prices points.

What would be my 6 choice investment handbags at three different prices points? Watch along and let me know what you would choose! 


Notes: My six favourite investment bags in 3 different prices points.

Hermes - Birkin and Kelly. Definition of a good investment - sell for more the next day. I will do an in-depth investment video on the Birkin as it is quite a story to tell. It has outperformed both the stock market and the price of gold over 35 years. Essentially the difficulty is that you cannot buy them.

Hermes 30 current price approx- £7290 selling for £14000 second hand - the next day.

The difficulty is that they are unavailable to purchase - daily mail article here. Rumours of some people getting lucky and some racking up a big spend on other items in order to “release” the bags.

Middle price point - Chanel classic and Chanel boy. Boy is relatively new to the market but has been seen year in year out since its release in F/W 2011. Prices for a small classic flap is currently £3560. Unlike the Hermes bags, you can pick these up for under the retail price on the second-hand market. If it is your first investment piece. Recommend purchasing in a leather, not a fabric material and going for the

The next price bracket would be that of Louis Vuitton - bags for around £1000 - if you are interested in another video on this click here.

Under £1000 - best investment bags:

LV speedy and speedy bandolier as well as the LV Neverfull.


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