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SOTT's Book club inspired by Reese's Book Club

 With the Christmas holidays approaching and some well-deserved downtime on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to sit back with a book and get lost amongst the worlds of different characters.
For many of us, this year has been bittersweet. The lockdown has been tough but that extra time at home has allowed us to try new hobbies or pick up a book or two.
If you’re not following Reese Witherspoon’s Book club account already, then check it out on Instagram: @reesesbookclub. Actress Reese Witherspoon started it over 4 years ago and has a following of 1.8 million people. Each month, Reese will pick a female-centric book that she loves and share it with her followers, creating a community of like-minded women all over the world.
If you’re not much of a reader yourself, books also make a perfect present at Christmas and choosing the right one can be a personal and thoughtful gift. If you’re looking for some recommendations, our very own Jo Dalton has been reviewing some of her latest reads. Check out some of them below.
Wit, wisdom and warmth, this book didn't disappoint, I laughed, I cried and I nodded along in agreement. Caitlin has a talent for putting into words the things we all think and know but can never eloquently communicate.
Moran recounts all the responsibilities, challenges, and joys that middle-aged women encounter as their lives shift from being only responsible for themselves to being responsible for other people. As Caitlin says, middle-aged women are acting like a utility, a national service; a massive unseen workforce holding up our society by caring for us, fixing things and solving our collective problems. Every person should read her books, for they will better understand women and themselves.

One important question we must ask ourselves is, “Are we being good ancestors?” This book really challenged my thinking and helped me appreciate the long view, although dark in places, the leading public philosopher Roman Krznaricargues that there is still hope.
Krznaric makes a convincing case that in our digital age of “pathological short-termism” we are giving less and less consideration to our descendants. He celebrates the innovators who are reinventing democracy, culture and economics so that we all have the chance to become good ancestors and create a better tomorrow.
“For anyone out there who is struggling to get some structure during lockdown or disappointed they haven’t reached their goals this year, this is a perfect guide and really practical book. Some parts obvious, some written about elsewhere (7 Habits of Highly Effective People etc) but love that he has pulled it all together and makes it super simple. To create a good habit, author James Clear suggests - Make it Obvious. Make it Attractive. Make it Easy. Make it Satisfying. Being more mindful about your day to day activities will open up so many doors. Enjoy.”

“I absolutely looovvved this book…so much, I have already read it twice. It’s everything I love most: a real life human who put their pain, struggle, highs, lows, wins and losses out there and shares all that she learned in the process….it’sexactly what I needed. The book grounds you, it made me look at myself, and made me feel a little calmer and a little more challenged all at the same time. If you're a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Adele (she said this book shook her brain and made her soul scream), I think this one will resonate with you. Enjoy.”


I have always loved Maya Angelou’s quotes but sadly had never read her autobiographies, so feel lucky I was reminded to read this whilst searching for resources to help educate myself more on racial injustices and black history. It is a beautiful and hard-hitting story of strength in the face of adversity, racism and segregation. Maya recounts the traumas of her childhood as a black woman in the early twentieth century American South and its both touching and tragic. Angelou’s work sheds essential light on the inhumanity of racial injustice and would recommend everyone reads it, to help us all learn but more importantly unlearn racism.

“So loved this book - story of 12 really powerful but different characters, challenging the identity norms. All so warm and all had so much life to delve into. Loved the writing style and how it all was cleverly woven together at the end. Highly recommend.”

Alright. Alright. Alright. Go buy Greenlights or download it now!…it is an absolute must listen on audible (his voice is devine) AND buy the book after to read again with all the pictures and notes. And yes, this confirms Matthew McConnaughey is as “cool” as we all thought he was and a modern day philosopher.
One of his Notes to self: The arrow doesn't seek the target, the target draws the arrow. We must be aware of what we attract in life because it is no accident or coincidence. The spider waits in his web for dinner to come. Yes, we must chase what we want - seek it out, cast our lines in the water - but sometimes we don't need to MAKE things happen. Our souls are infinitely magnetic." 🙌🏻👌🏻
I feel like this is exactly the book we need for these times. Here’s to the “shit bright red light year of 2020 that we are all enduring” that will inevitably turn green I am sure after reading this - as Matthew would say, “Pivot persist and deal” and “just keep living!”


“After reading too many business books, I was recommended to give this a try, loved everything about it, really helped me switch off and got totally lost in the story. 
A book of survival, hope, love, loss, loneliness, prejudice and strength! Already miss the swamp and wonder if they are still feeding the gulls.”
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