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Stay at home in style

As relaxing as it seems to spend your working days curled up in bed in your pyjamas, studies have suggested that getting up and dressed can have a significant effect on your self-esteem and confidence, making you feel a whole lot better and a whole lot more productive. 
 From smart working to living room sports and even relaxing on the sofa, here at Sign of the Times, we've got your pre-loved designer outfits covered. 

Smart working

When it comes to working at home it's important to dress in a way that inspires you to work hard and be productive but you also want to be comfortable! That's why our suggestion is a cosy and fashionable jumper with trousers that are comfortable yet go with your sweater to give you an effortlessly chic look. 

Anything like this Brunello Cucinelli jumper with these Paul & Joe joggers makes for the perfect work from home look as it leaves you feeling fashionable and cosy. 


Living room sports

While spending a lot of time at home it's easy to live out your day on the sofa, relaxing, and not getting a lot of movement. However, it is so important, not just for your physical health, but also your mental health, to stay active and keep moving. And, with thousands of online classes, it couldn't be easier!
When it comes to a workout outfit, I think it's best to keep it simple. A loose t-shirt, like this gorgeous option from Prada, and joggers will allow for a full range of movement whilst also keeping you cool as you get your sweat on! 

Relax on the sofa

While working from home it's important to know when to switch off so you don't let your work take over your at-home life. So take the time at the end of the day to switch from you your WFH outfit into something more comfortable. I personally love a cosy set to relax in at the end of the day, just like this number from Zadig & Voltaire.



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