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Stella McCartney launches new sustainable collection

Stella McCartney has partnered with best selling author Jonathan Safran Foer to launch a new sustainable collection to highlight climate emergency. Inspired by Foer's book "We are the weather" the collection shares the same name and the same ethos - to encourage people to consume fewer animal products in order to save the planet. Being a brand that encourages sustainability ourselves we were, of course, thrilled with this news and couldn't wait to find out more!
McCartney has always been environmentalist, herself a life-long vegetarian, who for years has put sustainability at the forefront of her brand and so upon reading a draft of Foer's book was instantly inspired to personify his words through a fashion collection. 
The pieces that McCartney has launched with this collection are covered with phrases from the book such as "we are entirely free to live differently" and, of course, all the pieces are made using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and linen as well as regenerated cashmere.   
With the fashion industry contributing to 10% of annual global carbon emissions (more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined) it is refreshing to see big brands such as Stella McCartney making the effort to not only help change these statistics but also raise awareness to this issue. That is why here at Timpanys we are proud to boast such a fantastic selection of Stella McCartney pieces. 



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