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THE 5 BIGGEST TRENDS FOR AW 18/19 (Fall-Winter) Part 1

It is that weird time of year where the sun is shining and yet the fashion community start talking about the Winter and jumpers are already appearing on the rails in stores despite us, not evening going on our summer holiday yet. I say - if you can’t beat them
join them. So here I am with my top 5 most wearable trends for AW 18/19


I say wearable because naturally there are going to be the “fashionistas” out there who are going to try and carry off the “silk scarf trend - as seen in Vogue” and I’m not sure I even
want to try this RICHARD QUINN ensemble!

No I am talking about pieces that are easy to wear which more often than not actually translates in to most popular trends. I am also a particular fan of buying pieces that will see you through multiple seasons. Especially if you are investing in an expensive
piece - it is important that it will stand the test of time. In no particular order lets begin

- Female empowerment. I am loathed to call this a trend and would rather consider it a movement that will result in recognising women as equals across the world. Whether it is political change (read Trump), campaigns such as #METOO or a focus the rights of
LGBTQ+ community using fashion to convey a deeper political message was definitely a major focus across all fashion weeks around the world. This resulted in a movement towards more tailored clothing - a smarter more pulled together look. This is not the adrogenous
style that we have seen in previous years. I.e. women looking more like me. But more a strength in feminity - especially seen on catwalks such as Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. Therefore think about investing in a good quality suit. Something like
this is going to stay in your wardrobe forever so make sure you take the time to ensure the fit is perfect. You can always take it a lady to alter if you prefer shopping on the high street. Navy or black depending on your colouring is a natural choice but
brighter hues were seen all over the catwalks and many coord sets have been seen on the highstreet depending on your budget. You can buy and wear them now in the Summer and then pair them with your cashmeres at a later date. You can also play around with pairing
it with a T-shirt or trainers - the trend for “hi-low” styling is still in full swing. As is the trends towards logoing anything - so you can be hitting a few trends in one.

- Historically the winter is a great time for texture. Embellishments, sequins, velvets and this year the rich fabric of choice is leather. This is one of my top picks as not only is it chic but also when was a “sequin as daywear” ever practical to wear in
the snow on your way to a meeting? Leather on the other hand never fails to look chic and also has the practical quality of being incredibly warm. Whilst leather trousers have been seen for a few years on the catwalks now and still look chic paired with a
chunky knit in the winter it was the leather dress that stood out head and shoulders. A Good quality leather is always going to be expensive so it is important that something like this will see you through many seasons. So whilst it may be tempting to go for
the Miu Miu sassy option something along the lines of what was seen at McQueen may well see you through more years. You could also opt for a dress with buttons up the front so it can also be worn as a coat. This would also give a nod to the “layering” trends
that was seen as well.


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