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Top 10 tips for pre-loved shopping

Pre-loved shopping can sometimes be difficult for those of us that don't do it often, that's why here at Timpanys we have put together our top 10 tips to make your next sustainable shopping trip fun and faff free!
1. Get Comfy
First things first, let's put something on that’s comfortable. Shoes which are easy to slip on and off and clothing which doesn’t take too long to change out of it. This way there is less “faff” and the whole experience is made more fun. There is also nothing worse than having aching feet after walking in heels all day.
2. Bring a reusable bag 
At Timpanys we pride ourselves on being one of the most sustainable ways to shop, so bring your reusable shopping bag for those little gems you’ll find in store. But, don’t worry if you forget, as we have high-quality recyclable paper bags for you to use instead.
3. Bring a friend
Sometimes shopping alone can be a little boring, so we suggest bringing a friend along with you and making the day of it. Having a second opinion is always useful as well as someone who sees you differently than you see yourself as they may pick out items that you wouldn't usually choose.
4. Grab everything that catches your eye
Once it's gone it's gone; so pick up anything that catches your eye (there's usually a reason for it!) and take it to the changing room. You never know, you might be surprised and fall deeply in love!
5. Size doesn’t mean everything 
As we all know, brands and designers sizing can be totally off and completely different to each other, so if you like the look of something and it looks like it could just about fit… try it! You could be pleasantly surprised
6. Chat to the staff 
All our staff here at Timpanys, really do love their job. They know fashion and enjoy a chat. They could pick things out that you may have missed, which they think would look great on you, and will probably know all the new stock. They may even find the perfect piece for you! This is us below
7. Know your wardrobe
What do you already have and what you need? What do you wear and what pieces never see the light of day? Once you know this you can determine what items you need to buy and what items to avoid.
8. Know your favourite brands and designers
If you know a brand or designer that fits you well and you love the style, keep an eye out for these when going through the rails and even ask the people who work in the shop if they know of any pieces you may like.
9. Don’t be afraid to try something new
Shopping is supposed to be fun, so make it exciting by picking out some pieces you wouldn’t normally wear, but have caught your eye.
10. Have fun
Don’t take it too seriously and have a laugh as your shopping, enjoy and treat yourself and make the most of your shopping day out!


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