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Wardrobe Cleansing: 6 Hard & Fast Rules

Do you have a closet busting at the seams? Do you still hold onto those 7 year old jeans? Then ask yourself, is this really anyway to treat your LUXURY garments? 
You don't know where to start? Do not fear! Timpanys offers a wardrobe cleansing service, if you require this, please email
Here we talk you through the 6 hard & fast rules to wardrobe cleansing- and it couldn't be simpler. 
Rule 1: You don't have to do it in one day
Don't stress yourself out trying to do it all in one day, break it down. For instance make one day for organising your shoes and bags, then clothes the next day. You can always seek to enlist the help of your friends- who will hopefully turn up with helping hands (and a bottle wine). 
Rule 2: Define your style.
You may have brought that edgy cross body tassel bag on a whim- but being honest its not really your style- add it to the toss pile. There is no point keeping things you don't use that take up valuable space for things you do.
Rule 3: Edit- be ruthless.
Learn to let go of those items you just do not wear anymore, no matter how much you love them! Lets face it, you haven't worn that bodycon dress for 3 years, you probably never will again..
Rule 4: Let go.
Are you holding onto 5 nautical striped tees? Scrap a few- you don't want too many similar items in your wardrobe, it becomes repetitive. One good nautical tee is enough.
Rule 5: Recycle with Timpanys
Often we are wary of getting rid of certain pieces due to their good-as-new condition. If you don't want it anymore, but it feels to good to just give away- recycle it with Timpanys.
Rule 6: Now organise what you kept.
Is the purge over? Now focus on organising your closet in an orderly manner for easy navigation day to day. Colour coordinate; this a rule we use in store at Timpanys- not only does it look nice, it makes it easy to put an outfit together that matches. Look to hanging accessories such as belts and scarves, this way you won't forget about them at the back of your drawer. 
Well done you have cleansed your wardrobe (and no doubt your mind #nomorestressfromthemess)- and don't you feel so much better? Now that you have rid of your unneeded items, take this opportunity to see what you do need for the upcoming seasons ahead. Watch our forecasting videos HERE to keep your wardrobe on trend..


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