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Wardrobe staples for every woman

Wardrobe Staple - Definition (n.) something you need to have in your wardrobe.
It's true, everyone has their own idea of what a wardrobe staple should be, is it a plain white tee or a little black dress? Let’s be honest, does a wardrobe staple have to be cliche? I don’t think so, which is why I’ve put together my top 5 wardrobe staples to last you the next decade.
1. The Midi Dress
My first pick is the midi dress, "why?" you may be asking. Well, the midi dress is the perfect item of clothing! It's easy, it's already an entire outfit all on its own, and it's versatile. More and more recently people have been dressing up and dressing down their everyday outfits, and what’s better than having a go-to dress you can wear with trainers and a leather jacket or with your favourite stiletto heels and a cute clutch.
My favourite way to style a midi dress during colder days is with a simple black roll neck, some chunky black boots, and why not pinch in your waist with a cute black belt. During the summer I'd pair with some Hermes sliders and oversized sunnies. 
A plain neutral colour would be the easiest option, but to be honest with trends and colours forever coming back in and out of fashion more and more people are respecting and embracing individual style, so why not pick an interesting print or fabric. Here are my top 3 midi dress picks from Timpanys. 
Rixo Red Fedora Blossom Dress
2. Coat
Now when I say that my second stable item is a coat I specifically mean a neutral colour coat that will go with everything. I think we often have a habit of buying a few new coats each time the autumn breeze comes back around, but why not invest in a high-quality luxury coat that will last. Personally I would avoid faux fur and go for nice wool as after you wear a faux fur for one winter, the fur gets worn and can look cheap whereas a wool coat takes a lot more wear and tends to look newer for longer.
3. Classic Shirt
Ok, so the classic shirt may be a little cliche of what you would expect to see on a wardrobe staple list, but to be honest it's a 'must-have'. They are perfect for work, a date, and can even be styled down with a pair of jeans and some trainers for an everyday outfit. A white shirt can transform your look, and make you stand out for all the right reasons. 
Make sure you wash your white or cream shirts according to the label and store in a cool dry place. Look after your shirts and they will look after you.
4. Black Trousers
A high-quality pair of black trousers can take your outfit from an every day look to a well thought out style. They are a go-to item for work, interviews and anything "office chic." Pair with trainers for a more casual look, simple black flats for around the office or heels for something a little smarter. 
5. Handbag
handbag is probably one of the smartest designer investments you can make and choosing one which can be worn all year round with a plethora of outfits will be a worthwhile purchase. Look after it, use it, love it and it will still be valuable in years to come. 


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