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What to wear to a wedding? Dresses, hats, & shoes discussed

Wedding guest dress, hats and shoe etiquette discussed. Take the stress out of knowing what to wear by watching this quick video. 




Rough transcript for the hard of hearing

I thought that I might just do a really quick video on the does and donts of what to wear to a weeing.  Firstly what does it say on what is the dress code is it black tie? White tie? Head to to check out what this entails. When you know what it entails next thing I would say is we make an effort with in that dress code if you're going to a wedding that you dress appropriately so for example you might well be in a church to make sure that your shoulders are covered but you don't have too much of a strappy dress not too much of your back earlier on show that the dress is appropriate length I would suggest a midi style. Traditonal colours to avoid are black and white don’t forget it is all about all about the Bride so don’t wear anything that would detract in any way from the Bride.


Also want to mention of ladies trouser suits me and I just think it is really elegant if you're not always say maybe go and look for a beautiful elegant trouser suit whether it be cigarette pants or Palazzo both are equally stunning. A little bit on hair and make-up air on the side of a more natural look but I also say if you don't often wear that much but it is nice to put on just a little bit it just finishes off an outfit. Make sure that you got your nails beautiful done and your hair is done and so is your makeup and don't forget just to take a few bits in your bag in case it does need topping up today because  I have had those moments when in the toilet and look in the mirror and I think is not how I remembered looking like when I left the house one thing I didn't better soon after that said moment was a setting spray essentially it just sets your makeup on all day and means you just really need to take a few little bits in your bag just to keep things looking fresh.


Let's talk about hats and I'm sure you guys know by now but we are based in Berkshire just a Stones throw from Royal Ascot and around here we go a little bit crazy about hats but I would suggest that at a wedding you wouldn't necessarily want to be going for the Royal Ascot look go for a little more traditional a little bit understated and you can opt for a fascinator or even just a head piece.  I would tend towards just popping a little bit of something on your head in your hair just to finish off the outfit but it is by no means mandatory - it really does just finish off and polish your look so with regards to hats there are a few rules... I would say probably don't go for something too large and two ostentatious simply because they will be photos and you don’t want to block anyone out. Look to the mother of the bride at the reception she signals at the wedding party when to take off your head pieces.

Let's talk about footwear footwear is really crucial at a wedding so my first rule of thumb is no new shoes and you're more than likely have something in your outfit if not an entirely new outfit but I would suggest that you wear in your shoes before the big day now with regards to the type of footwear where you want to be thinking stylish but also comfortable so don't necessarily go to the highest pair of heels stilettos the reception may be on grass you can also carry a pair of flats in you bag for the end of the night and save the embarrassment of wobbling around. Something like buttery fly twists.



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