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Where Can I Sell Designer Bags For Cash In London? Insider Tips

Congratulations to you for getting over the initial hurdle of deciding to sell your designer bags as over time one can become inexplicably connected to them. Unlike children they don’t answer back and just sit quietly looking beautiful in the wardrobe. It goes without saying that many can find the process of selling all too much and hang on to pieces so long that they lose all of their resale value. Not every item has a glorious resurgence (think Dior Saddle Bag or Prada Nylon Bag) so it is best to sell ruthlessly if you are no longer in love with the piece no matter how painful. Here at Sign of the Times, beyond just helping you sell designer bags please feel free to ask us about which ones are a great investment to buy initially, when it's a good time to sell and what sort of prices are realistic for you to achieve on the second hand market. Much like second hand cars, as soon as they are off the forecourt, many pieces lose value quickly. Wherever you are on the scale, from first time seller to resale guru, we are here to help. If you are ready to sell your designer handbag for cash, find out more about our cash upfront program for luxury bags.
Sell Vs. Consign
Once you have decided which pieces to part with the next decision you have to make is whether you want to sell your designer bags for cash or just consign them. Here we will outline the merits of both.
The cash upfront for designer bags model
This is great if your pieces are current season or a classic models that are still selling in stores. Think cash for classic Chanel flap bags, Louis Vuitton Neverfuls and LV Speedys. The process is straightforward: you can drop-off or send in your items to our Chelsea location. Once authenticated via Entrupy, we value the handbags and transfer the money to you within 1 business day. It is quick, clean and you get your money straight away.
Then why would I want to consign?
Consignment works well for those of you who don’t mind how long it takes to sell an item. You get payment after the piece has sold and you will (likely), in return for your patience, receive a higher commission (read percentage) of the final sale price. Consignment also works well for other items beyond bags such as clothing, shoes and homeware, that may not be suitable for cash upfront. It also is the preferred choice for pieces that might have a little more wear or for brands that are not in as high demand.
What price will I get?
With over 35 years of experience in the business, we know how to price your luxury items to sell quickly. We take into account what we call in the business how "hot" an item is. E.g. At the moment we have people calling up wanting to buy a Chanel WOC nearly every day. We also take into to consideration the seasonality. For example, trying to sell a Prada straw bag in the winter is not going to command as high price as in the summer. Naturally, we also take into consideration age, wear and tear and what an item comes with. For example, a Chanel bag without its authentication card is still very desirable but not quite as much as a full set. Cash upfront for your designer bags means that you will receive money quickly and simply within 24 hours.
Why sell with SOTT?
The wonder of selling with SOTT is that we take the stress out of selling your designer goods and can offer you both of these options all under one roof. From complimentary same day collection in London to quick payment we make selling your Chanel bags for cash easy. We have been trading for 35 years with London's fashion elite. To start the selling process all you have to do is send us a Whatsapp.




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