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Why Shopping Secondhand Is Sustainable | Sustainable Luxury Resale in London


The State Of The Luxury Resale Market In The UK

Secondhand shopping in the UK is booming. Of those participating in a study conducted in 2019, 42% of people said over half their wardrobes are made of up preowned items.**  According to survey conducted by WRAP, 3 in 5 UK consumers have cleared out clothing since June 2020. The fashion world is moving towards resale on all accounts, from shopping preloved to selling luxury clothing, shoes, accessories handbags and more.

Whether you shop on SOTT, Ebay, Depop or other marketplaces, the more people that engage in reselling their preloved luxury goods in the UK, the more options there are to shop preowned luxury goods in the UK. When you sell your items, you extend the lifecycle of these items and promote the circular economy for the luxury fashion market. 

But Why Exactly Is Shopping Secondhand So Good For The Environment?

Compared to buying new, one pre-owned purchase is said to save on average 3,040 litres of water (that’s the equivalent of taking 60 baths!).* That’s an insane amount of wasted water for a new pair of Gucci trainers or a new Prada dress. It is the smartest and most sustainable choice to shop secondhand, plus it’s good for your wallet. When you shop preloved luxury items at SOTT, you can save up to 80% off retail. Create a designer wardrobe full of secondhand Chanel, preloved Gucci and preowned Prada at a fraction of the price. Plus, even better than purchasing fast fashion secondhand, is investing in high quality luxury goods that are meant to last.

A 2019 study found that 65% of second-hand clothing purchases in the US and UK successfully prevented the purchase of a new item.* Even with all these “sustainable” brands coming out of the wood works, no matter how “sustainable” and “biodegradable” their materials are, the most sustainable option when deciding to purchase is to purchase something that has already been made and is on the secondary resale market. By just extending a garments life by 3 months, there is a 5–10% reduction in a garment’s carbon, water, and waste footprint.* We can all make a difference this upcoming Secondhand September by choosing to make a preowned purchase instead of a new buy.

When you shop at luxury resale brands in the UK, you never know what gem you might find – that’s the thrill of the find! Get yourself ready for Secondhand September in the London and be ahead of the trends. Resale and rental are only meant to grow even more as more and more people in the UK realise it is the most sustainable way to consume fashion going forward. Luxury resale is growing four times faster than the primary luxury market**, which is massively being propelled by consumer interest in sustainability.

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*Data provided by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

**Data provided by Farfetch


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